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"I believe and will fight for the right of every Texan to earn a wage on which they can live, save, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. I believe in the right of every Texan to affordable education so they can better themselves without having to mortgage their future. I believe in the right of all Texans to make their own choices about their bodies and the medical care they need. I believe in the right of all Texans to have affordable health insurance. I believe in the rights of all minority Texans to live as Texans, not second class citizens in their own state, free from harassment, bigotry, and public hate. I believe in the rights of all eligible Texans to keep and bear arms and I believe that common sense ownership should be designed to protect innocent people and law enforcement will ensure that right remains.

My commitment to all Texans is to work to protect their rights, to build the schools and roads we need for the future, and to ensure that our children and grandchildren will live in the best possible free society we can build for them and their children.

Speaker Sam Rayburn once said “A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one”. It's time we Texans roll up our sleeves and start building again."


Cedric Davis for Texas Governor:

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Cedric Davis Sr.

Treasurer: Brenda Duff

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