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I will represent a strong platform for restoring cuts in public education funding. I visit new methodologies of funding public education. I would look at eliminating the standardized testing process. I look at allowing more local control of public education.



I will continue improving infrastructure needs such as water resource management, roadways and bridges, high-speed rail transportation, and a much more robust budget for emergency preparedness operations and flood control of Texas coastal cities. I will aggressively seek the enforcement of existing pollution laws. I will seek improved fracking and in drilling technologies. I will support incentives for the production and consumption of clean-burning and alternative energy sources, such as wind, solar, CNG, LNG, and electric-powered vehicles. I will support clean air initiatives  



I will actively support criminal justice reform of our jail and prison systems.



I will continue to be an advocate for resolving matters of housing for our homeless veterans and others. I will support homeowner’s rights and limit the amount of taxes imposed on property owners.



I will actively seek legislation to restore cuts to public health care programs such as Chip and drop any lawsuit pending against women rights. I will seek the $65 billion from the Affordable Care Act that Gregg Abbott decides low income and middle-income children, men, and women did not deserve low-cost health insurance. Texans paid their taxes to the federal government, shouldn’t we benefit from them. I will support incentives for preventative care, administration cost reductions, and my administration will aggressively seek prosecution of those who commit Medicaid fraud.



I will support economic development, entrepreneurship, small businesses, and women and minority enterprises. Seek legislation for an increase in minimum wages.



I will seek term-limitations of all elected positions within the state to no more than twenty years of service. I will be committed to building working relationships with other party’s affiliations to find common ground to move people oriented agendas.



I will say NO to the border wall. I will leave local crime fighting to local tax-funded police agencies, and illegal immigration to federal funded Immigration and Border Patrol agents. That’s how law enforcement should work.


Protect Texans

I will be committed to being a Democratic Governor who serves and protects the constitutional and civil rights and privileges of all Texans.


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